What is the best way to look stylish in pattu pavadai?

what are the best three techniques to look stylish in the nesavu langa collections

Indian wear is undoubtedly the most versatile outfit all over the world. For this upcoming festive season, we need a lot of ethnics to go with the occasions. Yet, the one attire that little girls should wear is pattu pavadai. There are many ways your girl can dress smartly to look like million bucks. It all comes to picking up the right pieces and coordinate them well. Here are some simple & easy tricks to look expensive through handpicked new collections from the Nesavu

Pattu Pavadai is Love!

During the ancient days, the Pattu Pavada sattai or Langa davani is a simple traditional silk dress that is bright and rich. It was indeed a beauty to wear them. There have been some small variances in this traditional wear as a result of the impact of diverse civilizations. To explore the new trends in pattu pavadai, let's dive right into this article!

If you're wondering which of the wedding festivities a pattu pavadai is a good fit for, we'd suggest the greater the function, the better. So you can decide that. During the south Indian festive season, nothing is cuter than kids running around in their pattu pavadai. Agreed?

Style 1: One of the cutest is Graceful Peplum Blouse

Designer readymade pattu Langa for girls with stylish puff blouse

If you're looking for gorgeous & elegant pattu pavada sattai designs for your girl, then it is the one with a peplum blouse. When peplum blouses are trending in western, why not impart that in our traditional wear. This flattering feminine silhouette with a clear puff sleeve, designer neck, and hand-crafted tassel will add grace to her contemporary style to formal Indian attire.

Add minimal jewelers such as mini-jumkhas, thin necklace/chain, and Kada bangles to better dress-up. For more vibrancy, have her wear a hip-belt/ottiyanam. With the proper hair-do, she can look regal. 

Style 2: Must-try Classics!

 orange art silk ruffled hi-neck designer blouse with peacock blue ruffled semi-kanchi silk skirt

Are you bored of dressing your girl with classic pattu pavadai, then you must try our high-neck ruffled blouse/sattai? Presenting here is a silk skirt with a scalloped ruffle edge that makes the whole outfit stand out.

Choosing a thin bangle and diamond stud with a bare neck adds charm to her attire, and she is festive ready. It especially looks great when you go for traditional semi- hairstyles, let her hair free, or make a simple pony, and that's it. This type of hair can be styled in a short amount of time. Just do the parting that suits her face, and she is ready to rock the look.

Style 3: Let’s Cheers to some Comfy Ethnics!

 casual comfy cotton skirt with designer peplum tops at the nesavu

Another beautiful ethnic collection, but you don't need to compromise on your kid's comfort this time. This is one of the most delightful ethnics, enjoying a lot of attention lately from all our dear customers. This new collection of pattu pavadai has a lot going on its own- double-tiered peplum, puffed sleeves, and trendy tassels, so do not overdo on jewelry. 


Make sure that she flaunts with one of the best hair-do that matches this attire. What actually breaks the look is a poor matching of jewelry. Choose among pearl necklace and small stud earrings, with a sleek bracelet or a set of metal bangles and no necklace at all. As hairstyles are significant parts of the overall look. An open hair or sophisticated half-pony will look good on comfy ethnic.


We hope these choices help you to style your little girls this festive season!