Whats In My Bag Review by Instagram Star Swati Mukund For The Nesavu

Hi The Nesavu sent me this beautiful bag👝. I thought it's only fair to do a tiny what's in my bag video. To show you what's all I loved around. So then I have a wallet, of course. Then earphones 🎧because I can't walk even 500 meters without this, my phone📱 and my beloved power bank because I always live in the constant fear that the power and the batteries will die out and people won't be able to reach me, so he's the power bank. And keys of course. That's about it I won't carry too much around but also this bag why I love this because it's roomy enough to carry enough stuff in case if I am going out with my daughter I need to keep a water bottle, I need to keep a tiny snack box for her or for me. This is really lovely💕and roomy so thank you so much for this. - By Swati Mukund

swatimukund @thenesavu LOVE the bag from the @kimigirlindia collection ❤️ . My “I’ll begin light but carry my entire house around very soon” bag dream is accomplished!! ❤️ @neetimahadevan thank you for shooting my fancy videos and photos ❤️😂.

Words by founders of The Nesavu.

At The Nesavu, we explore the unique rich heritage and legacy of Indian Art and Craft; and create product lines that are rooted in India’s local culture yet trendy and contemporary. Breaking away from the fascination for standardization and perfection, we intend to bring the uniqueness, elegance and perspective of the “Imperfect” through our products. We work with artists and artisans across the length and breadth of India to bring forth their art forms, craftsmanship and unique perspective. Each artefact and products are one of its kind—a little different, a little imperfect and unique.

Our Objective:
Promoting Indian traditional art, handicrafts and bringing genuine art for our customers in the form of unique products and accessories. Empowering grass-root level workforce which includes artisans, weavers, tailors and craftsmen by working with them directly and eliminating the mediators, Using environment-friendly and sustainable techniques and processes.

This multicolour Jaipur Handblock Printed tote Bag which our muse Swati Mukund featuring has floral motifs inspired by Mughal architecture. This handbag has a spacious compartment in which can carry your wallet, keys, etc., a slider pocket for lipsticks, eyeliner, and a small zip pocket for knick-knacks. And one small zip pocket outside at the back of the bag to keep your mobile, car keys etc. The bag is secured by a metal zip on top, along with a double jute handle. As well as with an adjustable and detachable sling/strap.

Based in Coimbatore, Kimi Girl by The Nesavu is a brand that grew out of a fascination for Indian Traditional textiles and an eagerness to convert them into tastefully designed, functional fashion accessories. Meticulously handcrafted, our variety of formal clutch purses, potlis, wallets, messengers, slings and tote handbags are a testament to the craft of our local artisans.