Why should you consider buying from our special playwear dresses for your kids?

We at The Nesavu are home to a wide range of dresses suitable and specially customised to suit the kid better. The fantabulous playwear collections are some among the bestsellers and most loved products of all time. Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying from our special playwear collections for your mini-you.

nesavu brand best latest kids cotton frock dress for little girls play wear collection

Simply because they are cute:

Our special dresses and playwear frocks are incredibly cute, and many mom's want to become a child again to wear them. Designed keeping our audience in mind who love cuter brighter things, The Nesavu's simply stunning playwear dresses are just irresistible. The playwear attires are lighter and simple with unique designs, making them cute. 

Airy sleeves and minimalistic works:

If you have a mischievous little pixie at your home who loves to play all day around then, our playwear dress with minimalistic designs and airy sleeves is the apt choice. This specially designed wear is a combo of playful style and lightness, making them feel sassy while still being in a comfortable attire. All our playwear sets are mainly designed to make the kids feel free, which helps them bond and explore the world in a relaxed way.

nesavu brand best latest kids cotton frock dress for little girls play wear collection


Made from breathable fabric:

All our playwear collections are made from sustainable 100% cotton. Comfy and soft on the skin, these statement frocks have a breezy feel on your kid. Also our dresses are made from breathable fabrics which do not make them sweat, thus making it their favourite outfit for any day.

nesavu brand best latest kids cotton frock dress for little girls play wear collection for summer and altimeter casual

Suitable for the harsh summer:

Our easy wear dresses are trendy with a touch of lightness to it; this makes the dress suitable for the bright summer. By dressing your kid in this simple frock for the summer, you can help her be equipped to battle the weather while still having the best memories of her life. Our dresses are suited for all kinds of locations and occasions from tiara tea parties to castle making beach days, our dresses have been just unexceptional.

Concealed zipper for sleekish look :

The Nesavu's special kidswear collection is made keeping the kids' needs at the priority. By adding concealed zippers to the pretty frocks, the dress gets more of an alluring look. These zips give a great fit and also helps the mother to remove the dress easier saving them from a lot of drama.

Tempted to buy this classic, comfy and colourful dress? Visit us at https://www.thenesavu.com/collections/frocks-dresses to buy these well crafted cool wear for the sassy queen.