• Sei*Gai - a brand inspired from the tireless and selfless service of our COVID Frontline Warriors, is an initiative of the students of Fashion Technology Department of KCG College of Technology, Chennai. The brand’s tagline is “Heal the world” and the product line includes products like COVID warrior souvenirs either as an art piece or a functional product, eco-friendly products, products used to maintain the health and hygiene etc. The students have meticulously involved in analyzing the possibilities of converting their covid warrior artworks into practical and functional products through 3D printers, embroidery, crocheting, sewing, printing etc.
      • The Brand logo represents the serene and calm trait of the Nature which nurtures and protects the whole world. While the Flowers and leaves depict life, growth, love and positivity, the Stethoscopewhich is medical identity and iconic of the life-saving doctor profession, represents the act of saving the life.
      • All the proceeds from the sale of these products will go to honor and support the Covid heroes. The first set of covid volunteers have already been honoured.
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