The Nesavu Celebrating National Handloom Day 2021

The Nesavu Celebrates National Handloom Day - Psr silks founder Ps RangasamiHe often says handloom weavers – the pride of India, the trustees of a priceless heritage.

  • Our beloved Chairman and grandfather Dr.Shri P.S.Rangasamy, a weaver himself with over 60 years of weaving experience, began weaving with no computer-aided designs and punched cards. 
  • He still weaves in the old-fashioned way in his handloom at home to keep himself connected to his roots.
  • He is also known for his handwoven kadhi crisp, pristine white shirt and vest. A follower of the Gandhian principle, he is constantly on the journey to help uplift the weaver community.
  • His perseverance and commitment to protect and develop India's diverse weaving heritage are genuinely inspiring.

Let us promote our products and traditions. 

Help the sector thrive


  • India's handloom industry demonstrates the richness and diversity of its culture, heritage, and craftsmanship.
  • National Handloom Day is observed on 7 August every year. The Swadeshi movement was started on the same day in 1905, and the date to pay tribute to handloom weavers and artisan communities of India.
  • The ongoing pandemic has brought the Indian handloom industry to a critical juncture. The sales of their products have been adversely affected, and young weavers are moving away from the industry at an alarming rate, threatening the preservation of special skills.
  • The Handloom sector is a symbol of our country's rich and varied cultural heritage.

In the 75th year of Independence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged all of us as a nation to buy Indian Handloom products and showcase their grandeur by associating with #MyHandloomMyPride. 

We must not only be Vocal for Local, but help locals go Global. 

Gandhiji saw two things of great importance in handloom – the fabric of the nation; the heritage of a great country like India.

The Nesavu - National Handloom Day Celebration In his golden words:-

  • I believe that where there is pure and active love for the poor, there is God also. I see God in every thread that I draw on the spinning wheel.

He envisaged tremendous variety and scope in the craft of weaving and associated craftsmanship. He also foresaw its excellent employment potential and a means to mitigate the existing rural poverty.

With over 4.3 million people directly and indirectly involved in the production, the handloom industry is the second largest employer in India after agriculture.

    Help this sector thrive. 


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